The Team

Esther Adema
I am an American Studies graduate and am currently pursuing a degree in Gender Studies. My main interests for this blog lie with TV and film, especially considered from a feminist angle. I enjoy artsy movies as much as Sharknado-esque movies and I happily write and talk about either. Other interests include reading, profuse livetweeting, and writing fiction. My blurb – and life – are a work in progress.

Bonnie van den Bergh
I am an English and Film studies graduate who has just started exploring career options. Not so surprisingly, I am very interested in Film and TV. Next to watching a lot of it I also like talking about it, not just on here but also on my personal blog. Things that make me very happy in life are travelling, good coffee (and cake!), good company, and great conversations.

Coco Clements
I’m a fond binge-watcher of all kinds of films and TV series, but have recently acquired a taste for all things science fiction. An ardent admirer of directors such as Edgar Wright, Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan, as well as being (allegedly) William Shakespeare’s biggest fan, I hope to write about my heroes as often as I can. After graduating as a BA in English language and Culture, I’ve had a year off to work as writer and director on my webshow ‘Alice Anonymous,’ and devoted what was left of my time to the Nijmegen-based student theatre group the Understudies, as Head of the Art Department. Last year I did a postgraduate programme in FIlm and Literature in the beautiful city of York, with the goal of this adventure being to watch at least two films a day for educational purposes (and for free). 

Lara de Die

Berry Giezen

Oddly enough, I’m a medievalist at heart when it comes to academics. My master degree curriculum consisted only of courses on topics of medieval English – except one: a course on horror literature and film. That is where I learnt how much I love to combine academics with popular culture, which ultimately led to the creation of Between The Media. I’m an avid gamer, a frequent binger of series, and a lover of music, so when it comes to writing for BTM you can expect articles in any of those categories from me.  

Kevin Swijghuizen

Tessa van Ingen
Lorraine Lysen

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