Interacting with media is a favourite pastime for many, whether it is watching a film or series, listening to music or playing video games. In doing so, you sometimes stumble upon an idea or concept connected to that medium that you’d like to explore further through research. Unfortunately, it happens too often in cases like these that the topic you have in mind is unsuitable for any essay you are to write for any course you have, and so that the research is never done and the article never written.

Between The Media Magazine is here to offer a platform for those who have really interesting ideas about something they’re watching/playing/listening to, and who want to act on their curiosity and drive for knowledge.

It is there to bridge the gap between the media and academics.

We do not offer reviews: instead, we offer in-depth analysis of concepts and themes of your favourite series, films, music or games, so that you can get a little bit of extra insight into your favourites!